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Equine Massage has a number of beneficial reasons as to why it is important to be part of your horse’s routine. Whether your horse is competing regularly or is just happy to hack, the benefits will be felt by all.

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Benefits of Massage

Benefits of
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About Me

Jo Arden

I have been riding since I was 5 and have always had a passion for horses. I have been lucky enough to own my own and have competed in riding club activities as well as British eventing and British dressage.

I have worked on different kinds of yards from competition and hunting to livery yards. I also have some British Horse Society qualifications.

I qualified for my massage therapist through Wolds Equine, and I am registered with IAAT and fully insured.

I offer friendly yet professional approach to my work and the horses welfare and comfort is my priority. I treat all types of equines from companion to competition.

Benefits of Massage Therapy


Increased range of movement and stride length


Encourage greater flexibility


Reduce muscle tension and soreness


Enhances blood flow


Improves proprioception


Reduce stress


Improves posture and circulation as well as hair, coat and muscle tone


Offers support to the immune system


Helps prevent injury and reduces fatigue

Massaging Services

Initial consultation and massage approx 1 1/2 hr

To include static and dynamic assessment see the horse in walk and trot, also ask to turn circles left and right and reverse. This checks for flexion and suppleness followed by palpation and massage treatment appropriate for your horse

Follow up/maintenance

Massage, palpation and massage

Reports are sent out after treatments. Discounts are available if treating 3 or more at the same yard. Area covered mainly Grantham, Bourne, Newark, Oakham, Stamford and Peterborough. As a result of the veterinary act (1966) and the subsequent exemptions it is illegal for any person other than the owner of the animal, to treat an animal unless the permission of the animals veterinary surgeon is sought and obtained. I am more than happy to ring the vet to get this permission.

"I would very much recommend Jo. She’s a very thoughtful and knowledgeable person with a lovely gentle manner around the horses."

Diane Faulks

"Jo is an amazing person, hugely disciplined and talented! Can’t recommend her highly enough."

Tamzin Keenlyside

"Jo quite simply has magic hands. She is knowledgable, calm and has a wonderful way with horses. She has made a huge difference to both of my horses (one of whom is 26). They absolutely love it when she treats them. I couldn’t recommend her more highly"

Sarah Jane Goss

"She was super with my ex racer so calm and quiet. Would highly recommend."

Georgia Overhill

Benefits of Salt Therapy


Non invasive drug free therapy


Is a natural anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and antihistamine


Loosens excess mucus for easier breathing and improved lung function


Reduces the need for antibiotics


Overall well being


Helps with skin issues like ringworm as well as skin allergies and conditions


Increase the resistance to respiratory tract disease

How Salt Therapy works

Microscopic particles of salt are dispersed into the air, these are inhaled into the airways and deep into the lungs helping with mucus release and reducing inflammation. This allows the airways to become wider allowing easier breathing.

Also during the treatment, salt particles land on the skin, the skin naturally absorbs the salt enabling it to assist with alleviating skin problems such as sweet itch and ringworm as well as general allergies. Because this reduces inflammation and reduces the aggravated areas where itching and rubbing has taken place your horse will feel less stressed, moody and generally calmer. New hair growth will occur where the rub marks have been.

Initial Cleanse

Your horse will need an initial cleanse of between 3-5 consecutive days depending on the problem. Each session lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

£40 per session

Once you have had your cleanse your horse can have a top up session when you feel it is needed, but would recommend it be seasonal or periodically for the best long term results.

Get in touch

For further information on my equine massage and rehabilitation services please contact me on the following details or alternatively fill in the enquiry form and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

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